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Meet Our Team

Ann Moller

Ann Moller is an intuitive, singer, actor, and coach. Her mission is to offer and inspire human connection and expression straight from the heart and soul. She began working professionally as an actress at age 15, and for many years her "day job" was editing books for both bestselling authors and newbies alike. Ann is a classically trained mezzo soprano with a B.A. in English from Yale University. It is her firm conviction that what the world needs most is each of us, in our purest, bravest, most honest, and most open form. In order to do that, we all need grounding and currency. And that's where our gold and silver membership comes in. Ann loves helping people access real money, create community, and truly prosper on every level.

Seth Leaf Pruzansky

Since birth and throughout the course of his life, Seth Leaf Pruzansky has consistently come to the realization that human perception is a secondary expression of our primary divine origins. He has learned to masterfully articulate a set of experiential philosophies that enable individuals to move beyond the limitations of collective human consciousness and know themselves as a primary emanation of divine origin. Seth is an author (The Fight to Enlight), loving father, performing musician, co-founder of and, and an avid gem, mineral, and metal collector. Because of his natural affinity for gem and metal prospecting, he has come to absolutely love our gold and silver membership. It has become one of his most cherished passion projects.

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